Below are some of what our past participants have said about the Asthma Research Center and our studies.

  • The staff were the “nicest and also most professional people I’d want to work with.”
  • My visit was a “great experience. Very quick, and easy. Staff is very nice and had a pleasant experience.”
  • “Highly impressed by staff’s intelligence and experience, <their> knowledge and expertise when it comes to the condition of asthma was stunning . Staff members kept me well informed of what to expect , during and after visit and answered all my questions quickly yet in depth and with much confidence and professionalism.”
  • “He gave me good information and very helpful tips on how to conduct the test explained everything very clear and demonstrated how to do the test with great detail . He did an awesome job.”
  • Staff was “Well-trained, professional, showed to be quite knowledgeable, explained whatever I was curious about.”
  • The coordinator was “very helpful. made me feel comfortable during my visit. she explained every step of the process, which was very helpful to me as I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. She was very pleasant!”

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